Humanic is an industry first Product-Led Growth (PLG) CRM
At Humanic, we're revolutionizing the CRM space to make it easier than ever for growing companies to maximize revenue from their existing users. Humanic is the industry's first PLG CRM for today’s modern revenue teams. With support from top industry veterans at DoorDash, Notion, Miro and more - there's no better time explore what Humanic can offer your business!
Managing upwards of 1000+ active users can be an overwhelming task, and many CRMs struggle to keep up with the influx. If you need a reliable system that allows for user sorting based on payment or user activity, it's time to consider more robust solutions than traditional customer relationship management software.
Read on for details on how the Humanic PLG CRM can help unlock revenue from your existing user base. To Sign up and explore right away click here.
Last modified 9mo ago